The story began about a year or so ago while my brother was watching some fishing shows on TV, every time a fish was caught, “fish on” was shouted, he thought why aren’t they saying “Bass On”, since they were bass fishing. After doing a little more research he found out that the Bass-On.com domain name was available, he secured it with no idea what he was going to do with it. While on one of our bi yearly fishing trips, which included myself, brother and two of our friends, the idea got kicked around about doing something with Bass-On.com, such as t-shirts etc. A logo was designed and then a local law firm applied for the registered trademark, a fulfillment center was then secured, a LLC was formed, and Bass-On.com is now online about a year later. Bass-On.com, what is it everyone asked? There wasn't just one good answer? I finally put some definitions to it:

  • It’s bass fishing’s new “CATCH” phrase
  • It’s the celebration of the catch of the most popular fresh water fish in the world
  • It’s a celebration of a outdoor lifestyle and passion
  • It’s a moment in time that creates a life time of memories for yourself and those with you
  • It’s a sport that has no boundaries, you can fish from the bank or a boat
  • It’s a sport open to men, women and children of all ages
  • It’s not only for the weekend warrior but a career to the tournament anglers
  • It’s a sport that created its own type of boat, the “Bass Boat”
  • It's the new logo of the sport of bass fishing

After thinking thru all that, it hit me, more important than all that, what was missing and what I believe is the most important statement was “Tradition”!

Bass-On.com isn't teaching techniques or giving local fishing reports, I am sharing the tradition of bass fishing which can be the platform for others to create there own traditions with families, friends and now competitive teams in high school and college and the pro’s. To give you an idea about tradition, I fish the same spots of Kentucky Lake that my father did over 50 years ago even using the same types of baits that he did. Another brief story about memories and tradition, when I was little, my father would take me fishing. One trip it was just my dad and I, my father was a Cincinnati fireman, I had been to his firehouse many times before that day but he told me that if we caught one more keeper that day we would stop by the firehouse on the way home, do you know how it feels to be about eight or nine years old carrying in a cooler full of bass with your chest puffed out in front of about fifteen fireman, that's what “Bass-On” is about! All of us have our memories. The only thing that can’t be taken from us are these, our memories!

 Al Laker