Al Laker

I would like to introduce myself as the owner of, married to my wife Patty for over thirty years. We have three daughters, two son in laws and a three grandchildren . My career over forty years has been centered around heavy equipment and management in the fields of paving, excavating and demolition, and currently in the scrap processing industry. I have been involved in the outdoors and outdoor sports my entire life. My hero and mentor in life has been my father. He has taught me what I know and hopefully what I have passed down to my family, not only in values, but the love of the outdoors. This is where the “Tradition” in comes from. I learned from my father and am passing my knowledge to my girls, son in laws and grandchildren. Dad is not around anymore, but the “Traditions” that he started are alive and well and I would like for to be that platform for other families to build on also!